The 3-2 HEX Defense: Understanding the Basics

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Kevin Navarra
50 minutes
The 3-2 HEX Defense: Understanding the Basics provides an overview of the key factors involved in successfully implementing and executing this multiple front defensive scheme. The DVD discusses the fact that the primary goal of the 3-2 HEX defense is to stop the run with its common front of three defensive linemen, two inside linebackers, two outside linebackers, and four defensive backs. The DVD also outlines the twelve primary goals for this defensive scheme, as well as its underlying advantages. In addition, the DVD details the flexibility that the 3-2 Hex defense affords a team against various formations.

Among the topics covered:
  • 3-2 HEX defense based on fronts
  • Defensive philosophy
  • Defensive goals
  • Why the 3-2 HEX defense?
  • Defensive band
  • Hybrid player (OLB) in 3-2 HEX
  • Thor/hammer: run reads
  • Video clips-formation: pro
  • Video clips-formation: trips
  • Video clips-formation: doubles
  • Video clips-pressure