The Atmosphere and Culture of High-Performance Teams

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Dr. Hunter Taylor
38 minutes
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In The Atmosphere and Culture of High-Perfromance Teams¸ Dr. Hunter A. Taylor, Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Education at University of Mississippi, discusses how to build a successful team atmosphere and culture in your program. Dr. Taylor outlines the importance of connecting to athletes on and off the field. Additionally, Dr. Taylor reviews strategies to apply to coaching, throughout the year. Finally, Dr. Taylor details how to include leadership and organization throughout your program, from coaches to athletes. Topics covered include:

  • Sports Psychology
  • Locker Room Dynamics
  • Importance of Team Culture
  • Installing and Developing Culture
  • Cues to Inspire Athletes (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
  • Core Values of Teamwork
  • Year Round Training, Mentally and Physically
  • Building Relationships and Trust
  • Using Teachable Moments