The Basic-Eight Defensive Drill

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Bruce Brown
36 minutes

The Basic-Eight Defensive Drill demonstrates and teaches eight basic essentials of individual man-to-man defense in a single sequential drill. The eight phases are broken down into individual teachable parts and then reconstituted together to form a continuous forty-second defensive drill that is designed to help prepare players for the most difficult defensive situations they might face during a game.

Among the topics covered:

  • Off-the-ball position
  • Help and recover
  • Defending the give and go
  • Deny the flash cut
  • Defending the high- and low-post positions
  • Deny the wing pass
  • Defend the backdoor cut
  • Block out
  • Combining the parts of the basic-eight drill
  • Adding difficulty to the basic-eight drill
  • Methods to improve the quality of the basic-eight drill