The Bone-and-Shoot Attack for Football

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John Bowen
101 pages

The intent of The Bone-and-Shoot Attack for Football, by John Bowen, is to introduce the merging of two styles of football play that are considered nearly polar opposites. Although many teams have favored a multiple or diverse offensive attack for decades, perhaps none have involved such a perceived contrast of styles as this one.

At one time, the wishbone offense ruled collegiate football and was also featured by countless high school programs throughout the country. Although more and more emphasis has been placed on the passing game with each generation, the wishbone offense still has its place, and its worth can be easily seen even if just a play or play package is used as a schematic change-up or goal line/short yardage wrinkle.

The run-and-shoot certainly had its day of causing defenses to worry about how to slow it down, much less trying to stop it. While the run-and-shoot received much criticism (much of which I nd unfounded by the way), elements of this offense are present in so many of today's spread offenses that its overall impact on offensive football cannot be overstated. The run-and-shoot was truly an offense that was ahead its time.

Combining the wishbone and run-and-shoot offenses into one cohesive offensive front has expanded the options football coaches have when considering which offense their team will execute on game day. With a full breakdown of how one might implement this offense, the bone and shoot attack run is sure to maximize your offensive attacks in a way that'll put your opponents' defense on their heels.

What's inside:

Chapter 1:How Can This System Help Your Team?
Chapter 2:Terminology, Formations, and Motions: “The Basics”
Chapter 3:Bone Basics: Control the Ground
Chapter 4:Making Your Wishbone Attack Three-Dimensional With the Pass
Chapter 5:Run-and-Shoot Basics: Taking to the Air.
Chapter 6:Putting the Run Into the Shoot
Chapter 7:Organizing the Staff and Daily Practice Routines
Chapter 8:Installation Guide

What coaches are saying:

Coach Bowen has always found a way to maximize his personnel on the offensive side of the football by having a diverse but simple offensive philosophy. He understands that he needs to find the balance between plugging players into his system and adjusting his system to his players. His system and philosophy allow the flexibility to adjust to the ever changing talent and strengths of the athletes in his program from season to season and sometimes even week to week
- Patrick Johnson, Former Head Football Coach, Fass High School (WA)

After reading Coach Bowen's bone and shoot concepts, I am sold. They are simple ideas that can be implemented into any type of offense. I will personally instill them into our program.
- Stan Sexton, Former Head Football Coach, Phoebus High School (VA)

Coach Bowen is an excellent teacher of the game. His offensive schemes always put you in the best position to be successful. This book is a must read for anyone interested in scoring points and putting the pressure on opposing defenses.
- Chris Hughes, Former Head Football Coach, Richmond Academy (GA)

Coach Bowen's book is an excellent addition to any coach's library. The information is broken down so that you can teach kids at any level. A great read for any football mind.
- Jeff Kent, Inside Linebackers Coach, Colquitt County High School (GA)

Coach Bowen has taken two great football concepts and merged them together. This book will help both run and pass game enthusiasts become better coaches.
- Rich Hargitt, Assistant Head Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Southside High School (SC)

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