The Bunch Attack: Using Compressed Formations in the Passing Game (Second Edition)

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Andrew Coverdale, Dan Robinson
246 pages
One of the key things to understand about the bunch concept is that it is a principle as opposed to an entire offensive system. As a result, The Bunch Attack: Using Compressed Formations in the Passing Game (Second Edition), by Andrew Coverdale and Dan Robinson, can be extremely useful to you, and specifically what you already do, regardless of your basic system and philosophy. The ideas in this book can be applied and taught to enhance the chances of players who are operating within most any fundamental offensive framework. Pro set, wing-T, run-and-shoot, single-back, split-back veer, ace with two tight ends and two wide receivers, and flexbone are among those offensive sets' general styles of attack that fit this bill. With this goal in mind, we introduce you to the bunch attack.

What's inside:

1: The Bunch Principle of Attack: An Introduction
2: Theoretical Considerations: Understanding Bunch's Specific Benefits and Concerns
3: Bunch's Guiding Principles, Package Basics, and General Attack Concepts
4: Systematics: Creating a Versatile, Teachable Framework for Bunch
5: First Things First

What coaches are saying:

The bunch package presented in this material introduces a fun and imaginative way to add a new look to your multiple formation look. Coaches Coverdale and Robinson have compiled one of the most complete outlines of this principle that I have seen. Its detail and comprehensive approach will be an excellent guide for you to use in implementing these concepts into your offense. We have used the bunch offense a great deal during my coaching career and always felt that it was a viable part of our complete offensive package. Whether you use multiple sets in your offensive scheme or are just looking for something new to add as a changeup to your normal offensive scheme, you will find The Bunch Attack a valuable part of your coaching library.
- Brian Billick
  ESPN Analyst
  Former Head Coach
  Baltimore Ravens

This is by far the best book of its kind that I have seen. Andrew and Dan’s precise, thorough study of this phase of the passing game is sure to either reinforce your current beliefs or spark you toward new ideas. Because of its attention to detail, coaches at any level, using any system, can be assured that the text can be easily applied to help make their offense more proficient.
- Dirk Koetter
  Offensive Coordinator
  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The “squeeze principle” as it relates to bunched formations can be used at any level: high school, college, or pro. This is an outstanding book for all levels of football.
- Ron Erhardt
  Former Offensive Coordinator
  New York Jets

This is an excellent exploration of the latest concepts in expanding and contracting formations.
- Dan Henning
  Former Offensive Coordinator
  Miami Dolphins

Varying split and player alignments is one of the least used but most effective weapons an offensive coach has to attack any defense. This book is a great instructional tool in learning these concepts. Best of all, these concepts are applicable to any offensive scheme. I hope this works as well for you as it has for me.
- Ed Zaunbrecher
  Former Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach
  Rice University

Having read the book, I am quite sure that its contents can help coaches of any level enhance their offensive philosophy.
- Jim Fassel
  Former Head Football Coach
  New York Giants

Any offensive coach who wants to move the ball will benefit from this complete and thorough book. The bunch attack would be a great addition to your passing game.
- Jim Colletto
  Former Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach
  Detroit Lions