The Complete 3-4 Blitz Package

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Jim Pavao
40 minutes
The Complete 3-4 Blitz Package outlines a game-tested blitz package for teams that want to use an attacking gap-control 3-4 defense. The DVD details seven different game blitzes, as well as five different zero-coverage blitzes, for the 3-4. The DVD discusses the fact that the key to playing successful team defense is mental and physical discipline. The DVD also reviews blitz adjustments that can be made in response to various offensive formations.
Among the topics covered:
• Double thunder-zero
• Double red shoot-zero
• Strong smoke
• Strong Georgia
• Strong thunder-3 match
• Strong hurricane-3 match
• Open lightning-3 match
• Weak flame-3 match
• 3 match
• Strong blaze-3 hole
• Strong burn-3 hole
• Strong bat-3 hole
• Show package