The Complete Handbook of Coaching Catchers - 2nd edition-Epub

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Jerry Weinstein
267 pages
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The Complete Handbook of Coaching Catchers (Second Edition) - Epub has been revamped to reflect recent changes within the catching is relative to the mechanics and techniques of today's catching. With more current options for better individualized instruction, this book has expanded upon the previous edition's content to allow each player to have more choices in finding their individual sweet spot. The author refers to this book as a buffet style of coaching in which coaches and players can pick and choose that best fit skill set of the players.

You will find changes & additional information in the following areas:

A. Tag plays - because of the new “Buster Posey” rule in baseball, the way tag plays are executed at home plate has been revamped. There are many more one-handed sweep tags and fewer collisions at home plate.
B. Stances/setups - this is probably the biggest change in the last three years as a result of the introduction and utilization of one-knee stances. Targets have never been lower.
C. Pitch calling - as a result of new and better data from Trackman, Statcast, Hawk Eye, and Rapsodo, pitch calling has things like spin rate, spin axis, and true spin. Hitters are striking out with more of a north-south and front-back plan of attack. More high fastballs and off-speed pitches are being called and thrown than ever before.
D. Receiving - never before have catchers been moving marginal pitches as often after they make first contact with the ball. Also, balls are being caught with a backhand approach more than ever.
E. Blocking ball in the dirt - catchers are blocking a high percentage of balls in the dirt from one-knee stances. The block retrieve and throw piece of the blocking process has become more important because base runners are more proficient in ready balls in the dirt.
F. Throwing - again, the one-knee stance has impacted how the body is organized to throw runners out. Arm strength is still important, but alignment and release have taken on additional import.
G. Drills - there are many more drills to develop players’ skills in all areas.

What's inside:

Part I: Becoming a Catcher
Chapter 1: What It Takes to Be a Catcher
Part II: Fundamental Skills for Catchers
Chapter 2: Setting Up
Chapter 3: Giving Signals
Chapter 4: Receiving
Chapter 5: Blocking
Chapter 6: Throwing
Part III: Basic Situational Techniques for Catchers
Chapter 7: Cutoffs and Relays
Chapter 8: Tag Plays
Chapter 9: Bunts
Chapter 10: Pop-ups
Chapter 11: Retrieving Wild Pitches
Chapter 12: Back-ups and Rundowns
Part IV: Pitch-Calling
Chapter 13: Pitch-Calling Basics
Chapter 14: Pitching Tactics
Chapter 15: Pitching Plan Considerations
Chapter 16: Pitch-Calling Game Changers
Chapter 17: Pitch-Calling Strategies
Chapter 18: Situational Pitch-Calling
Chapter 19: Identifying Hitters and Attacking Their Weaknesses
Part V: Game-Time
Chapter 20: From the Bullpen to the Game
Chapter 21: Dealing With the Umpire
Chapter 22: Communicating Effectively
Chapter 23: Catcher Matters

What coaches are saying:

Jerry Weinstein is one of the best catching instructors in baseball. In this book, he has succeeded in breaking down the fundamentals of the position in a way which is easy to understand and apply to any young catcher. From his analysis of the mechanics of catching to his innovative drills, this book is a must-read for catching coaches and their athletes.
 -Mike Scioscia
  Former Manager, Los Angeles Angels

In The Complete Handbook of Coaching Catchers, Jerry gives you a clear understanding of the developmental progression of a young catcher. This book provides great information on the criteria of the catching position, covering everything coaches and catchers need to know in regard to stances, receiving, blocking, and throwing.
 -John Savage
  Head Baseball Coach, UCLA

The depth and sophistication of the pitch calling and game management material in this book is impressive. Additionally, the drills associated with each skill provide a systematic means of development. This book is a must have resource for coaches and catchers at every level.
 -Dan O'Dowd
  Former General Manager, Colorado Rockies

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best coaches in the game. In my opinion, Jerry Weinstein certainly is one of the most efficient, hardest working, and most knowledgeable coaches ever to take the field. Detailed, relentless, and humorous, he has all the necessary tools to teach the game of baseball.
 -Skip Bertman
  Former Head Baseball Coach, Louisiana State University

Jerry is one of the best catching instructors I had. He helped mold me as a player and taught me the details that helped me eventually get to the Big Leagues and stay. Jerry has taught at every level of baseball and has worked with countless numbers of players who have had success. I have a ton of respect for him and his knowledge.
 -David Ross
  Manager, Chicago Cubs

Jerry is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever known in the game of baseball. This in-depth, comprehensive book on catching isn't just for catchers. It is a must-read for anyone in baseball, from coaches to pitchers to other position players interested in bettering their overall game.
 -Jim Morris
  Former Head Baseball Coach, University of Miami