The Delaware Wing-T: The Running Game (Revised Edition)

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Harold Tubby" Raymond, Ted Kempski"
132 pages

The Delaware Wing-T: The Running Game examines how to institute an effective running game with the Delaware wing-T offense. The book details the basic staple running plays of the Delaware wing-T package including: 

• The belly series plays-the belly drive and belly option-identified as the 80 series 
• The buck sweep plays-the sweep, trap, and waggle-identified as the 20 series 
• The Sally series 
• The power series 
The book is part of a series of five books that provide coaches at all competitive levels with tools to enable them to better understand and implement the Delaware wing-T. Each volume is designed to complement the other four books. The other books in the series are The Delaware Wing-T: The Option Game and The Passing Game, 101 Delaware Wing-T Drills, and 101 Delaware Wing-T Plays. Collectively, the books provide coaches with the insights, information, and foundation needed to fully comprehend and utilize the Delaware wing-T. Properly executed, this unique offense can enable coaches to take advantage of players' specific talents and skills in a goal-oriented, creative way.