The Diamond Offense: Overview

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Leo Hand
75 minutes
The Diamond Offense: Overview offers an overview of the fundamental factors involved in successfully executing the diamond offense-a system that features a base formation that provides maximum horizontal stretch of the field, leaves nine offensive players in the vicinity of the box, and almost always ensures 1-on-1 pass coverage of its two wide receivers. The DVD explains the fact that this offense includes four sequential run packages, in which every play in each package gives the initial appearance of every other play in the package, but attacks a different sector of the defense. In addition, the DVD looks at an assortment of tactics from the diamond formation that enable the offense to manipulate both seven- and eight-man defensive fronts.
Among the topics covered:
• The evolution of football
• Run & shoot offense
• Pro passing game
• Midline option
• Manipulating defenses with diamond formations
• Shoot formation
• Trips right
• Ray spread right
• Blocking assignments