The Endurance Athlete

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Andrew Hunt, David Webner, Jordan D. Metzl, William O. Roberts
108 minutes
The Endurance Athlete provides an overview of the incidence of injuries and catastrophic events affecting endurance sport athletes, particularly participants in triathlons and marathons. The DVD discusses the fact that such injuries and events are becoming an ever-greater problem, given the substantial increase over the past three decades in the number of individuals who engage in these physically demanding endurance sports. The DVD emphasizes that addressing the situation requires finding an appropriate balance for each endurance athlete, since one size (approach) does not fit all.

Among the topics covered:

• Catastrophic Events in Triathletes (Andrew Hunt)
• Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Death in United States Marathons (David Webner)
• Injury Patterns in the Endurance Sport Athlete (Jordan D. Metzl)
• Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia During & Following Marathons (William O. Roberts)