The Football Coaches' Guide to Teambuilding

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Robin Ross
67 minutes

The Football Coaches' Guide to Teambuilding provides an overview of different team building and team unification techniques that can help build team cohesiveness, as well as enhance overall team performance and production. The DVD details a series of building blocks that are designed to strengthen team unity, including meetings and team exercises that will help develop unity and trust among team members, coaches, and staff. The DVD also features several techniques for bringing players from diverse backgrounds to understand the basic concepts of working together for a common goal and developing a positive atmosphere for success.

Among the topics covered:

• Teambuilding: starts in the first meeting
• Teambuilding: in the locker room
• Teambuilding: on the field
• Teambuilding: Viking games
• Teambuilding: unity meetings
• Teambuilding: story time
• Teambuilding: team council
• Team building: terminology
• The ten commandments (of the student athlete)
• Live like a winner and you will win in life-a score board can never define you as a person