The Fundamentals of Placekicking and Punting for Youth Football

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Zach Baddour
34 minutes

The Fundamentals of Placekicking and Punting for Youth Football presents a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in both placekicking and punting. Designed specifically for youth football coaches and kickers, the DVD covers it all-from stance to contact to follow-through. Featuring instructional advice and tips that are presented in an easy-to-understand and –apply manner, the DVD is the perfect resource for youth coaches who want to address this essential aspect of the game.

Among the topics covered:

  • Placekicking: steps
  • Placekicking: stance
  • Placekicking: approach
  • Placekicking: using blocks and plant
  • Placekicking: ball/foot contact
  • Placekicking: follow-through
  • The kickoff: steps
  • The kickoff: approach
  • The kickoff: ball/foot contact
  • The kickoff: follow-through
  • The kickoff: tees
  • Onside kicks
  • Directional kicking
  • Training tips
  • Punting: stance
  • Punting: catch and mold
  • Punting: approach
  • Punting: the drop
  • Punting: ball/foot contact
  • Punting: follow-through
  • Punting: putting it all together
  • Directional Punting
  • Punting: common problems