The Key to Success

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Grant Teaff
55 minutes
The Key to Success discusses why successful individuals have the ability to control their own mind and enact their will on the situation at hand. Featuring one of the most respected individuals in the history of competitive sports and based on concepts from the well-received book, Grant Teaff`s Coach-to-Coach, the DVD details the benefits of individuals being able to control their mind, as well as some of the possible negative consequences when they don`t. The DVD also outlines the four pillars of success-attitude, effort, self-control, and capacity to care. The DVD then expands on each element with meaningful information, relevant insights, and practical advice.

Among the topics covered:

• The foundation
• The key
• The mind
• The four pillars of success
• The winning attitude
• Total effort
• Capacity to care
• The player who cared