The Shield Punt: Maximizing Field Position

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Chris Fore
81 pages

If you ask any of the players who have ever played for me, or coaches on my staffs, what my favorite special team is, they will surely tell you: Punt! I really believe that the punt team can have more of an effect on a game than any other special team. Is has been my experience in more than a decade of coaching this great game that in the field position game, you usually do not see that any of the other special teams have as dramatic of an impact as the punt team does. And the opposite is also true. A blocked punt can absolutely change the entire flow and dynamics of a football game. An interception and a blocked punt are the two plays that change momentum faster than anything else on the gridiron. The Shield Punt: Maximizing Field Position, by Chris Fore, reduces blocked punts, while also allowing the coverage team to get down the field and cover the punt effectively.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Advantages of the Shield Punt
Chapter 2: Disadvantages of the Shield Punt
Chapter 3: Personnel
Chapter 4: Coaching Assignments
Chapter 5: Alignment
Chapter 6: Stances
Chapter 7: The Huddle
Chapter 8: Snapping the Football
Chapter 9: After the Snap: The First Step
Chapter 10: After the Snap: The Second Step
Chapter 11: After the Snap: The Third Step
Chapter 12: Covering the Kick
Chapter 13: The First Practice
Chapter 14: The Second Practice
Chapter 15: The Third Practice
Chapter 16: The Fourth Practice
Chapter 17: The Fifth Practice
Chapter 18: Weekly Practice Plan
Chapter 19: Fakes
Chapter 20: Three Common Faults and How to Correct Them

What coaches are saying:

Thanks to Coach Fore and his information on the shield punt, we have been able to bring a new concept to the Canadian Junior Football League. He has enabled us to simplify the system for the players and provide sound protection while concentrating on solid technique and speed getting downfield for coverage. This concept has changed our approach to the punt, where we no longer have to be as worried about our opponent's schemes each week and can concentrate on what we do best as a punt team.
- Scott MacAulay, Head Coach, Regina Thunder, Canadian Junior Football League

I have used the shield punt for eight years. We have ranked at the top nationally in net punting and punt return defense. Even with that success, I gained knowledge, ideas, and organizational skills from this book. Thanks for putting it out there for us!
- Clay Beason, Ed.D., CSCS, Former Assistant Football Coach, Harding University

This book is fantastic. Providing detailed information on the popular and successful shield punt, it is easy to follow and very useful. I would recommend it to any coach.
-Matthew McDonnell, Assistant Athletic Director, New Smyma Beach (FL) High School

Chris Fore's book is a must have for any team using the shield punt. Even coaches who don't use the shield punt will find the information helpful for organizing their punt team.
- Lamont Butler, Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator, Trinity International University

This book not only goes over the scheme, but discusses the drills and skills needed to implement the shield punt. As a coach, that's what I'm really looking for-not the X's and O's, but the install plan for the punt. Coach Fore provides a plan for improving one of the most neglected parts of football-special teams and, in my opinion, the most important part of special teams-the punt.
- Jaron Cohen, Head Football Cooch, Ponderosa High School (CO)