The Structured Open-Post Motion Offense

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Chris Endres
52 minutes

The Structured Open-Post Motion Offense provides an overview if the key factors involved in a highly effective, yet simple offense that can be taught and executed at any competitive level. The DVD details how basketball coaches can employ various calls to control a five-out, open-post offense that includes cutting, screening, post-isolations, and pick-and-rolls to put pressure on any man-to-man defense, The DVD explains how a number of different reads and cuts can be instituted within this offense to counter the defense, The DVD also reviews why this offense can serve as an appropriate platform for teaching fundamental skills when its incorporated as part of a successful feeder systems.

Among the topics covered:

• The rules
• The one-call
• The two-call
• The three-call
• The four-call
• Switching screens
• The stagger-call

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