The Two Tight End Package in the Shotgun Offense

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John Rice
49 minutes
The Two Tight End Package in the Shotgun Offense explains how coaches can implement an effective wrinkle in the shotgun offense-double tight ends with three receivers split out wide to one side of the offensive formation. Such a formation provides the offense with seven blockers for the quarterback run game, while retaining the opportunity to keep 7-man pass protection if the offense wants to attack an under-defended flank of the defense with three receiver-route combinations. The DVD reviews common defensive strategies to counter the double tight three wide offensive formation and offers effective strategies for attacking every possible defensive alignment.

Among the topics covered:
  • Gun/creek formation
  • Defending the creek
  • Base runs
  • Passing concepts
  • Drive concept "Toledo"
  • Pass game film cut-ups
  • Run game film cut-ups