Triple Option RPO: RPOs With Triple Option Run Principles

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Scott Curd
86 pages
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This book shows a different twist on the latest offensive weapon in football—the RPO. Coach Curd goes into the process of how he arrived at his "safer" alternative to the traditional triple option offense while taking advantage of RPO principles by describing his experiences of 25 years of high school coaching in the state of Alabama. He covers in detail how he arrived and shaped his offensive philosophy over the course of his career. 

This book is not an "offense in a box" or "facemelter" offense but shows how adaptable the triple option RPO concepts are to almost any offensive principle you have already installed. Regardless of your existing base run scheme, triple option RPO can be adapted to it along with existing intermediate passing concepts. Coach Curd gets into all aspects of a triple option RPO play from the pre-snap RPO to the dive/keep phase to the post-snap RPO (aka "pitch phase"). This concept of triple option reduces turnover risk by eliminating the backward pitch and replacing it with the forward pass.

The author also shows how he efficiently practiced the triple option RPO offense by drills that maximize reps while developing the fundamentals necessary to execute the offense. Not only are the drills explained, he gives a sample weekly practice schedule he used to prepare for games each week. Triple option RPO gives you the benefit of triple option football while still being able to maintain many of the spread offense principles that many coaches use today.