Two Back Run Concepts With One Back in the Backfield

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George DeLeone
55 minutes
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In Two Back Run Concepts with One Back in the Backfield, Baylor Senior Offensive Consultant George DeLeone provides the X’s and O’s of the running game in a number of formations. Coach DeLeone utilizes various schemes and motion to enable number of offensive players to participate in the run game. Additionally, film cut-ups illustrates Coach DeLeone’s philosophies and schemes and gives examples of halfback, fullback, quarterback, and wide receiver run plays. By keeping the defense off-balance, Coach DeLeone’s system allows for big plays in the running game, while reducing negative yards.

Topics covered include:

• Developing Toughness
• Blocking Fundamentals and Techniques
• Reading Defenses
• Adjusting to Defensive Schemes
• Defeating the Blitz
• Pre- and Post-snap Movement
• Getting Players in Space
• Play-Action Passing
• Draw Plays