Wide Receiver Techniques to Shed Coverage

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Matt Collins
40 minutes

Wide Receiver Techniques to Shed Coverage presents a tool for coaches who want to enhance the ability of their wide receivers to beat defensive coverage. The DVD reviews, explains, and demonstrates a variety of techniques that wide receivers can employ to shed coverage. The DVD also includes a series of proven drills that can help develop the fundamentals and skills involved in each technique. Each drill is described and shown in an easy-to-apply manner.

Among the topics covered:

• The stance
• Release techniques from off-coverage
• Lateral-release drill
• Foot fire drill
• Foot fire with punch step-up field drill
• Hand-release techniques
• Slap & chop drill
• Slap, chop, & step drill
• Slap, chop with foot-fire drill
• Finish back on top of the route
• Stand-up dummy drill
• Gaining proper alignment
• Three techniques to get inside the defender
• How to defeat a reroute by the defensive back or corner
• Foot fire with double-move

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