Winning Defensive Line Play: Vol. #2-Shedding Blockers (Run Emphasis)

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Mike London
37 minutes
Winning Defensive Line Play: Vol. #2-Shedding Blockers (Run Emphasis) explains why being technique proficient is the key to becoming a dominant defensive lineman. The DVD provides an overview of how defensive linemen can use fast hands to separate and shed-off blocks. The DVD reviews how to create hand and movement situational drills that properly reflect what happens in a game. The DVD offers a series of proven drills that coaches can employ with their defensive linemen that will help them develop the skills and techniques that they need to succeed in close encounters in the trenches.

Among the topics covered:
  • Shedding blockers
  • Forearm-collapse drill
  • Elbow-over drill
  • Wrist-pull drill
  • The box drill
  • Bow-tie drill
  • Lateral-shuffle drill
  • Eyes-up drill
  • Stopping the chop-block drill