Zone Coverage Techniques

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Larry Peccatiello
36 minutes

Zone Coverage Techniques presents an overview of the key factors involved in strong zone and cover 1 free coverage techniques. The DVD explains how defenses that really want to shut down the running game can use these techniques to make their opponents one-dimensional. The DVD also details the special adjustments within the coverage that are required when utilizing these techniques. In addition, the DVD discusses the principles that are consistent in both man and zone coverages.

Among the topics covered:

 Overview (strong zone & cover 1 free)
 Strong zone coverage
 Coverage techniques for four underneath zones
 Strongside play
 Weakside play
 Special adjustments within the coverage
 Cover 3 audible
 Square call
 Consistency of man & zone principles
 Catch-alls about cover 3
 No huddle
 2-minute situations