101 Catching Drills

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Bob Bennett
222 pages

Drills are an integral part of the success of any catcher. Learning a new skill, or improving or maintaining an existing skill, are important reasons to perform drills. Catchers are often short changed in practice. Some time should be set aside each day for emphasis on the catching position. 101 Catching Drills provides extensive drills to help develop the skills of each catcher.

The chapters included are separated by:

  • Stance drills
  • Footwork drills
  • Throwing drills
  • Receiving drills
  • Blocking drills
  • Bunt defense drills
  • Pop fly drills
  • Situation drills

Many, if not most, of these drills can be done by the catchers without coaches present. Of course, in most instances, a coach`s presence would be desired.