101 Double-Wing Offense Plays

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Tim Murphy
122 pages

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The double-wing is an offensive system that`s whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It is the definition of synergy, which is synchronized energy. Each player has a role that is specific and important. The double wing enables groups of young men to work together as a team to accomplish things many may have thought impossible. The double wing has the greatest combination of power and deception you will ever find in an offense. This offense is a ball-control offense that moves the chains and produces very few turnovers. At the same time, this system has a surprisingly large amount of big-play components. Tim Murphy`s 101 Double-Wing Offense Plays is very easy to understand and the philosophies on how to attack defenses can help improve any coach`s game. The book is a must-have for anyone trying to better understand the high-powered double-wing offense.

Chapters are separated by series and include:

  • The Power Series
  • The Trojan Series
  • The G Series
  • The Midline Series
  • The Rocket Series
  • The Tackle Trap Series
  • The Striker Series
  • The Wedge Series