101 No-Huddle Spread Offense Plays

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Brent Eckley
202 pages

101 No-Huddle Spread Offense Plays is a great resource for any football coach on either side of the ball. This book will provide coaches with a detailed explanation of how to install, practice, teach, and run the no-huddle spread offense. Coach Eckley`s consistent success is a by-product of the staggering numbers his offenses have put up at two different high schools over the past several years. The key to his success is multiplicity through simplicity. His utilization of a no-huddle tempo offense with multiple formations and simple motions, while keeping the handful of route concepts and quarterback progressions the same, makes it easy on his offense and difficult on the defense. This book is a must read for anyone developing an offensive identity or anyone who is looking to change offensive structure in an attempt to win with less talent. The plays in this book are battle-tested on the field and are the reason for his team`s great success. Incorporating ideas from this book will put your team on the cutting edge of the spread offense.

Chapters include:

  • The Quick Passing Game
  • The Dropback Passing Game
  • The Screen Passes