101 Proven Ways to Motivate Athletes

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Keith Manos
184 pages
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Coaches cannot take for granted that all their athletes are self-motivated and committed to succeeding in their sport. They need to understand what motivates athletes to participate, how athletes stay motivated, and how motivation influences athletic performance. 101 Proven Ways to Motivate Athletes, by Keith Manos, is the teaching tool that coaches can use to boost the performance of their athletes and, in turn, succeed in competitions. This book offers coaches of all sports proven methods for getting and keeping athletes motivated and committed to their athletic program.

101 Proven Ways to Motivate Athletes, all coaches can discover detailed and practical methods for motivating their athletes and leading them to championship performances. The strategies in this book are presented in a pre-season, early season, mid-season, all season, and post-season format, which allows coaches and team leaders to use the best motivators at the right time.

The strategies in
101 Proven Ways to Motivate Athletes are season-tested and research-based and applicable to motivating athletes at all levels. Coaches will learn how to maximize the efforts of the underachiever and the overachiever, the marginal performer and the gifted athlete, and the timid and the tough competitor. These strategies emerge from some of the top college and high school coaches across the country and from experts in the field of sports psychology who know what makes athletes tick and how to motivate them.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Preseason
Chapter 2: Early Season
Chapter 3: Midseason
Chapter 4: All Season
Chapter 5: The Post-Season

What others are saying:

101 Proven Ways to Motivate Athletes is packed full of practical information and tools for coaches working with young athletes at all levels of experience. From building a program from the ground up to a more advanced understanding of how to maintain a healthy and supportive team culture, this book helps to take some of the mystery out of the
“How do I...?” questions for coaches. It is clear that the author has drawn on years of experience working with young people to develop such a thorough understanding of challenges and rewards of working with athletes.
 -Matthew Sacco, PhD
  Staff Health and Sport/Performance Psychologist
  Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Keith Manos’s book
101 Proven Ways to Motivate Athletes should be required reading for all coaches! It provides a blueprint for building a successful and meaningful program for any sport at any competitive level. Whether you find one idea or choose to use all 101, it is well worth the read to find ways to enhance the success of your program. All you have to do is take the time to read and decide which of the proven ways detailed in this compelling resource will work for you and your players.
 -Grace Hutchinson
  Member of the Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  Head Girls’ Volleyball Coach at Norwalk High School, Norwalk, OH

Keith Manos’s unique presentation of motivational strategies can help all coaches in today’s challenging coaching climate inspire their athletes. Any coach in any sport, whether they manage a junior high, high school, or college team, can benefit from reading
101 Proven Ways to Motivate Athletes and use it as a guide for dealing with their players’ mental and emotional approach to competition. This book enables its readers to identify specific ways in which coaches, parents, and educators can motivate athletes and lead them to excel as competitors, regardless of their chosen sport.
 -J.D. Uebler
  Humanities Department Chair and Head Baseball Coach
  Culver Academy, Culver, IN