101 Sports Medicine Tips/Facts: Vol. 1-Understanding the Basics

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Barry P. Boden, Francis G. O'Connor, Robert P. Wilder
165 pages
  101 Sports Medicine Tips and Facts: Vol. 1-Understanding the Basics is designed to be an informative resource that can help both new and experienced coaches be better prepared to understand and deal with the various sports medicine-related problems that can affect their athletes. The book features targeted, up-to-date information written by some of the top medical professionals in their particular field of interest. As physicians, parents, and volunteer coaches, we firmly believe in the value of sports participation. Athletics have real merit and real consequences. To the extent that the easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply advice and guidelines presented in this book can serve as a roadmap to help coaches make sports a more injury-free experience for everyone involved, then the collective efforts to develop this book (and the series) will have been worthwhile.