Developing an Offensive System: Vol. #1-Understanding the Basics

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Vince Suriano
64 minutes
Based on the best-selling book on the same topic (Developing an Offensive System), the video reviews the key factors that coaches should consider when developing an offensive system for their team. In that regard, the video discusses the importance of being able to effectively evaluate (strengths and liabilities) the talent of the team's personnel. The video also points out that coaches need to determine what personnel groups get a team's best players on the field. Next, coaches need to ascertain the number of blocking schemes they want their teams to use and what they are. In addition, coaches need to decide how many base runs/ignition plays they want in their offense, as well as the auxiliary plays that come off the base runs. Finally, teams need to determine how many RPOs they want to incorporate into their offenses.

Among the topics covered: 

• Returning starters 
• Personnel groups 
• Schemes 
• Base runs/ignition plays 
• Auxiliary plays 
• Play-action passes 
• RPOs