The T-Bone Offense: Understanding the Basics

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Al Baldock
36 minutes

The T-Bone Offense: Understanding the Basics reviews the underlying philosophy of an innovative concept of offensive football that features a quick-striking attack that can effectively be employed against all defensive schemes. The DVD explains how teams can implement multiple formations and motions to force the defense to make adjustments in its fronts, coverages, and schemes that the offense wants it to make. The DVD details how the T-bone offense offers a balanced attack with power, deception, and misdirection.

Among the topics covered:

  • Introduction/overview
  • Assignment defense
  • Terminology
  • The T-bone formation
  • Techniques for the four backs in thunder
  • Base option (thunder)
  • Alternate formations
  • Complementary plays
  • Advantages of the balanced set
  • Student-body right
  • Disadvantages for assignment defenses
  • Game film cut-ups