An Attacking Single Wing Offense: Understanding the Basics

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Tommy Tharp
79 minutes
An Attacking Single Wing Offense: Understanding the Basics provides a comprehensive overview of the underlying concepts of the unique offensive system, which is a hybrid of three offensive systems (spread, single wing, and spin). The video points out that the simplicity of the base offense in this system, including basic alignments and a minimum of blocking schemes, makes this offense very easy for players to learn and execute. The system, however is perceived by the defense as very complex, because of its ability to flip the basic alignments, by moving the offensive backs into a myriad of formations. As such, the formation-heavy offense also causes the defensive game planning tremendously difficult for the opposing team. In addition, the video details the key factors involved in the offense, including basic alignments, play and formation calls, motions, and blocking schemes.
Among the topics covered:
• Why the attacking single wing?
• How is the attacking single wing different?
• Player identification
• Tailback alignments
• Wingback alignments
• Blocking back alignments
• The clock
• Numbering the edges
• Right wing 42
• Right wing 44
• Right wing 46
• Right wing slide south 37
• Right wing 48