An Attacking Single Wing Offense: Passing Game

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Tommy Tharp
55 minutes
An Attacking Single Wing Offense: Passing Game reviews how a passing attack can
be successfully incorporated into this unique hybrid offense, which is a combination
of three different systems (spread, single wing, and spin). The video outlines the
key factors involved in employing the passing game in this system, including an
emphasis on simulating the run as closely as possible. Designed to be a supplement
to this run-first offense, the passing strategy is to catch defensive backs cheating to
stop the run, and then to take advantage of the rotated secondary to throw behind
them. The passing game in this offense is simple for players to learn, comprising
just a few, simple pass protections tied to receiver routes.
Among the topics covered:
• Why the dragon wing?
• Offensive line and end alignments
• Tailback alignments
• Wingback alignments
• Blocking back alignments
• Fundamental keys of the passing game
• Base pass protections
• Right both north
• Right both slide south