An Attacking Single Wing Offense: Counters, Reverses, and Specials

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Tommy Tharp
39 minutes
An Attacking Single Wing Offense: Counters, Reverses, and Specials provides an
overview how coaches can employ this unique hybrid offense, which is a combination
of three different systems (spread, single wing, and spin), to confuse and attack the
defense. The video reviews and explains numerous plays that rely on misdirection
as a base concept, with the intent of getting to move opposite to the direction of
the play. The video not only explains how and why the power run game is at the
heart of this offensive system, it also details motion, shifts, false keys, and the
possibility of the counter are central to this offense. In addition, the video reviews
several special and auxiliary plays that can be added week to week in order to build
a bank of plays that the offense is capable of executing, but will never undertake
all in the same week.
Among the topics covered:
• Misdirection as a base concept
• Player identification
• Numbering the edges
• Right wing 40
• Right wing 33 tackle
• Right both slide north 37 special
• Right both slide south 48 truck
• Auxiliary plays
• Right wing power