Offensive System, Developing an Offensive System: Vol. #2-Situational Offense

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Vince Suriano
56 minutes
Based on the best-selling book, Developing an Offensive System, Developing an Offensive System: Vol. #2-Situational Offense is designed to teach coaches how to formulate an offensive game plan that addresses all of the specific offensive situations that their coaches might encounter during a game. The video features a review of the key factors involved in establishing an effective passing game, including concepts and packages, pass protections, red zone passing attack, and third down passing attack, as well as goal line and short-yardage passing. The video also discusses the advantages of including deceptives and trick plays in the game plan. In addition, the video looks at plays that can be incorporated into a team's 4-minute offense/run-out-the-clock-offense. Finally, the video covers how teams can structure their team's offensive approach to help dictate the tempo of the game and how they should handle making adjustments in their offensive system.

Among the topics covered: 

• Concepts and packages 
• Pass protections 
• Red-zone passing attack 
• Third-down passing attack 
• Goal line and short yardage 
• Trick plays 
• The 4-minute and 2-minute offenses 
• Tempo 
• Adjustments