Developing an Offensive System For Football Everything a Coach Needs to Know to Install an Offense

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Vince Suriano
133 pages

Developing an Offensive System For Football: Everything a Coach Needs to Know to Install an Offense, by Vince Suriano, goes into great detail of every segment that goes into developing an offensive system from top to bottom. Everything is covered from personnel evaluations and where they fit best, the run and pass games, clock management plays, short-yardage plays, trick plays, and so much more. This book will show you how to best set up your offense for success!

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Personnel Evaluation—Strengths and Liabilities
Chapter 2: Personnel Groups and Formations
Chapter 3: Motions and Shifts
Chapter 4: Types of Blocking Schemes
Chapter 5: Base Runs and Ignition Plays
Chapter 6: Auxiliary Runs
Chapter 7: Play-Action Passes
Chapter 8: Run Pass Options
Chapter 9: Types of Passing Game Concepts
Chapter 10: Number and Types of Pass Protections
Chapter 11: Red Zone Passing Attack
Chapter 12: Third-Down Offense
Chapter 13: Goal Line and Short-Yardage Offense
Chapter 14: Deceptives and Trick Plays
Chapter 15: Four-Minute Offense
Chapter 16: Two-Minute Offense and End-of-the-Game Plays
Chapter 17: Huddle or No-Huddle System
Chapter 18: Post-Season Evaluation System

What coaches are saying:

Vince and I have been lifelong friends and he has always loved the game. He is a great teacher, and we saw him teach players of all ability levels, which allowed us to have success. Developing an Offensive System for Football: Everything a Coach Needs to Know to Install an Offense is a terrific book for young coaches and maybe a better one for the experienced ones. Vince emphasizes players, formations, and plays.
- Dave Bruney
  Head Football Coach
  Martins Ferry (OH) High School
  45 Years of Coaching

Reading this book will provide great insight into implementing an offensive system at any level of football. Vince is an experienced veteran teacher and coach whose football philosophy is fundamentally sound.
- Jay Peterson
  Assistant Football Coach
  Eastern Michigan University

Vince Suriano is a coach who has won championships in high school and college football. He is a tremendous teacher and person. His knowledge of offense and experience as a coach are valuable assets to coaches at all levels of football.
- John Widecan
  Associate Director of Athletics for Football Operations
  University of Cincinnati

Coach Suriano brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to us when we were developing our offensive system. His guidance through the development and implementation of this process has allowed us to become one of the top offenses in NCAA Division III. As a new coordinator, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and colleague than Coach Vince Suriano.
- Trevor Stellman
  Head Football Coach
  Thomas More College