101 Weak Eagle Stunts

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Leo Hand
185 pages

101 Weak Eagle Stunts is a complete playbook containing all of the information about alignments, adjustments, techniques, and tactics that any coach needs to successfully install the weak eagle defense. This book provides the reader with the following information: twelve innovative stunt tactics that will enable your defense to actually attack the offense, 101 explosive stunts that are adaptable to a variety of man and zone pass coverages, the introduction of distinctly different phonetic nomenclature that enables you to merge two or more sophisticated stunt maneuvers into a single stunt and then succinctly and expeditiously communicate the stunt to your players, an explanation of the adjustments and techniques necessary to install 11 different pass coverages, all of the details necessary to create a variety of strategies for dealing with empty formations, and all of the basic weak-eagle techniques necessary to defend both the run and pass.

All of this and more is covered in eight chapters: basic techniques of the weak eagle defense, 12 stunt strategies that win games, basic principles of stunting, using phonics to create complex stunt maneuvers, 101 weak eagle stunts, weak eagle man coverages, and defending empty formations.

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