Weak Eagle Defense

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Gregg Miller
42 minutes
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In Weak Eagle Defense, coach Greg Miller, shares his methods for installing a successful Weak Eagle Defensive system. Coach Miller outlines the philosophy behind the scheme, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the personnel needed to run it. Additionally, Coach Miller discusses how to defend both the run and the pass, while also showing how to defend different formations and more exotic offensive systems, such as the option or the spread. Miller goes into extensive detail on how to defend specific plays as well.

Topics covered include:

• Weak Eagle Defense Basics
• Developing your Athletes to Fit the Scheme
• Defending the Run
• Defending the Pass
• Weak Eagle vs Specific Formations/Plays
• Adjustments vs Specialized Offenses
• Defensive Alignments
• Film Cut-Ups Outlining the Weak Eagle Scheme