101 Winning Strategies for Wrestling Coaches

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Keith Manos
181 pages
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Finally, a book all wrestling coaches can use every day from the pre-season to the post-season to develop a winning program regardless of their coaching experience. Keith Manos includes not only his own tips for creating and maintaining a championship program but also the strategies from the top wrestling coaches across the country. 101 Winning Strategies for Wrestling Coaches provides a well-organized, detailed game plan that can help every coach from the youth to the college level enhance their wrestling program and maximize their wrestlers’ success. The coaching methods and motivational strategies outlined in 101 Winning Strategies for Wrestling Coaches are explained in an easy-to-follow format and are based on research into how the best coaches at the club, high school, and college levels run their programs.

101 Winning Strategies for Wrestling Coaches offers all coaches, both novice and veteran, a proven formula for creating a winning wrestling program and maximizing the physical and mental preparation of their wrestlers. The concrete, practical, and detailed strategies presented in this book are presented in terms of Strategies for the Pre-Season, Strategies for the Entire Season, Strategies for the First Week of the Season, Strategies for the Days Before a Match or Tournament, Strategies for the Day of the Match or Tournament, Strategies for After Matches and Tournaments, Strategies for the Final Weeks of the Season, and Strategies for the Post-Season—an organized and effective blueprint for winning dual meets and tournament titles.