12 Red Zone Offense Plays

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Jimbo Fisher
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In 12 Red Zone Offense Plays, former NCAA Champion and current Texas A&M Head Coach Jimbo Fisher discusses a number of proven scoring plays to call in the red zone. Coach Fisher provides the philosophy behind these plays, when/where to call them, and explains the X’s and O’s involved. Additionally, Coach Fisher outlines the roll each player plays in the red zone offense, and how to practice the plays to become a more efficient, higher scoring team. Coach Fisher believes that scoring in the Red Zone leads to more wins, and he shows how to build your playbook with that in mind.

Topics covered include:

• Red Zone Play Calling
• How to Beat Different Defenses in the Red Zone
• Identifying Team Needs in Practice
• Offensive Formations
• Reading the Defense
• Red Zone Run Game
• Play-action Passing
• Blocking in the Red Zone
• “Playing in a Confined Area”
• Specific Plays for Specialized Players (Fades, Slants, Option, etc.