Game Winning Red Zone Play in the Pistol Offense

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Paul Golla
45 minutes

Game Winning Red Zone Play in the Pistol Offense explains why the pistol is effective in the red zone and outlines the basic philosophy (attitude) that offenses should have when they're inside their opponent's 20-yard line. The DVD details what the offense should look for from the defense when it is in the red zone. The DVD also points out the need for teams to practice their red zone offense everyday, as well as the need for teams to have a detailed written game plan regarding how they plan to attack the red zone. In addition, the DVD includes several examples of plays that can be run from the pistol in the red zone.

Among the topics covered:

  • Why run the pistol?
  • Red zone offense attitude
  • Red zone weight room
  • What is the red zone?
  • Practice red zone every day
  • Driller video breakdown
  • Written game plan
  • How to attack a defense
  • Pistol red zone run plays
  • Inside zone plays
  • Video clips