2009 Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual

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Earl Browning
287 pages

The Coach of the Year Clinics Football Manual is a highly-anticipated annual tradition that provides a "coach-friendly" collection of some of the best lectures selected from the Coach of the Year Clinics. Features presentations made by several of America`s most outstanding coaches, including:

  • The Counter Run and Pass Schemes (Dick Anderson)
  • Coaching Points in the Punting Game (Bobby April)
  • Proven Keys to Winning (Bobby Bowden)
  • Defending the Shotgun Passing Game (Clint Bowen)
  • The Inside A-Gap Power Play (Tim Brewster)
  • The Shotgun Shovel Pass and Zone Options (Troy Calhoun)
  • The Quick Passing Game Package (Kyle Conner)
  • Quarter Coverage Made Simple (Mark Dantonio)
  • Developing Defensive Linemen (Butch Davis)
  • Defensive Tackle Techniques (Don Dunn)
  • Spread Offense: Three- and Five-Step Timing (Larry Fedora)
  • The Winning Edge in the Kicking Game (Jerry Glanville)
  • The Three- and Five-Step Passing Game Concepts (Skip Holtz)
  • Coaching Quarterbacks in the Quick Passing Game (Roger Hughes)
  • Defensive Linemen Run and Pass-Rush Techniques (Larry Johnson)
  • The Spread Formation Option Game (Paul Johnson)
  • Recruiting/Leadership/Big-Chunk Plays (Brian Kelly)
  • The Zone Read Option Game (Chip Kelly)
  • Basic Tampa Cover 2 Coaching Points (Monte Kiffin)
  • Secondary Coverages and Techniques (Dave Legg)
  • Punt Game Protection and Cover Schemes (Matt MacPherson)
  • Coaching Points for Offensive Linemen (Jim McNally)
  • Adapting the Defense to Your Personnel (Bronco Mendenhall)
  • Defensive Line Drills an