2016 Offensive Line Coaches Handbook: Featuring Lectures From the 2016 C.O.O.L. Clinic

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Earl Browning
90 pages
The Offensive Line Coaches Handbook, by Earl Browning, is a unique collection of presentations from the 2016 C.O.O.L. (Coaches of Offensive Linemen) Clinic made by several of America's most outstanding professional and college coaches. The 2016 edition includes the following lectures:
• Paul Alexander (Cincinnati Bengals)-Teaching Pass Protection 
• Bill Bedenbaugh (University of Oklahoma)-Pin and Pull Scheme Runs/Wide Receiver Screen off Outside Zone 
• Robbie Caldwell (Clemson University)-Blocking Fundamentals and Teaching Progression 
• Andy Heck (Kansas City Chiefs)-Zone Techniques, Drills, and Empty Protection 
• Aaron Kromer (Buffalo Bills)-Techniques and Tips I Have Learned 
• Don Mahoney (University of Tennessee)-Counter Series: Strong and Weak 
• Steve Marshall (New York Jets)-Zone Plays and Screen Thoughts 
• Jim McNally (Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Consultant)-100 Ways to Block Key Situations 
• Kris Sweet (Montreal Alouettes – Canadian Football League)-Backside Blocking and Run to Spots 
• Bob Wylie (Winnipeg Blue Bombers/NFL Alumni)-Replace Footwork in Dropback Pass Technique