2017 Offensive Line Coaches Handbook Featuring Lectures From the 2017 C.O.O.L. Clinic

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Bob Wylie
146 pages

The Offensive Line Coaches Handbook is a unique collection of presentations from the 2017 C.O.O.L. (Coaches of Offensive Linemen) Clinic made by several of America's most outstanding professional and college coaches. The 2017 edition includes lectures from the following coaches, on a variety of techniques, schemes, and fundamentals: Bill Callahan Tim Drevno Kevin Mawae Howard Mudd Mike Munchak Frank Pollack And many more.

What's inside:

Bill Callahan          Washington Redskins          Fundamentals and Techniques of Dropback Pass Protection
Tim Drevno           USC                                  Auxiliary Run Game and Fly Sweeps
Scott Fuchs           University of Wyoming        A Gap Power: Lateral Double-Teams and the Puller
Mike Gibson           Edmonton Eskimos            Marrying the Gun and Pistol Run Game
Brent Key              University of Alabama        Zone and Gap Rules Using WR Jet Motion
Kevin Mawae         NFL Alumni                        Backside Blocking—Square Shoulders Shuffle Step
Jim McNally           NFL Alumni                        The Latest in Blocking Techniques—Run and Pass
Howard Mudd        NFL Alumni                        Using the Shorty Set to Pick Up Pass Rush Games
Mike Munchak        Pittsburgh Steelers             Staying Square: Pass Sets and the Inside Zone—Fundamentals and Drills
Scott Peters           NFL Alumni                        Mechanics + Speed = Power
Frank Pollack         Dallas Cowboys                  How to Coach the Stretch Play—Fundamentals and Techniques
Bob Wylie              Cleveland Browns               Tuff Techniques “NO” Spittage and Ace Scoot Technique