2018 Offensive Line Coaches Handbook

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Bob Wylie
138 pages

Featuring presentations made by several of America's most outstanding coaches, including John Benton, Joe D'Alessandris, Jim Harding, Chris Kapilovic, Matt Limegrover, Kevin Mawae, Jim McNally, Dan Roushar, Stacy Searels, George Warhop, and Bob Wylie.

What's inside:

John Benton            San Francisco 49ers                  Wide Zone Techniques, Drills, and Principles
Joe D’Alessandris     Baltimore Ravens                      Concepts of Blocking Inside and Outside Zone
Jim Harding             University of Utah Utah’s           Inside Zone Philosophy and Drills
Chris Kapilovic         University of North Carolina       Off-Season Development and Having a Year-Round Plan
Matt Limegrover      Penn State University                Power and Counter Read Blocking From the Gun
Kevin Mawae           Arizona State University            Pass Pro From a Center’s Perspective
Jim McNally             NFL Alumni                              Latest in Blocking Techniques for the Run and Pass
Dan Roushar           New Orleans Saints                   Wide Zone With Weakside Emphasis out of One-Back
Stacy Searels          University of Miami                    The Basics of Run and Pass Fundamentals
George Warhop       Tampa Bay Buccaneers              Teaching Pass Sets for Various Positions
Bob Wylie               Cleveland Browns                      Redirecting the Penetrator on the Twist Game