3-4 Defense - Philosophy and Overview

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Jeff Reinebold
49 minutes

3-4 Defense: Philosophy and Overview provides a comprehensive overview of the key factors involved in the increasingly popular 3-4 defensive scheme. The DVD details how coaches can design and implement a zone-blitzing 3-4 defense. Addressing fronts, blitzes, and coverages, the DVD also explains how teams that employ the 3-4 defense can successfully attack both the run and the pass. In addition, the DVD outlines how coaches can select the best personnel for the 3-4, as well as discusses the fundamental skills that are required for each base position in the 3-4.

Among the topics covered:

• Advantages of a 3-4 defense
• Selection of personnel
• Alignments
• Gap cancellation
• Building the fronts
• Movement defense
• Nickel fronts
• Linebacker alignments
• Gap responsibilities