3-4 Gap Attack Defense-Run Adjustments

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Ric Cash
34 minutes

With the ever-increasing emphasis on multiple-look offenses, having a defensive scheme that allows a team to adjust without changing personnel and still maintain an aggressive mentality is essential to defensive success. 3-4 Gap Attack Defense-Run Adjustments reviews two run adjustments that allow teams to put eight in the box and bolster their run-stopping capabilities. The DVD is particularly designed for those individuals who coach in leagues that are run-dominant, but who need to be sound against the pass as well. The DVD emphasizes the fact that since players, to a great extent, can only control their attitude and their effort, this defensive scheme can be very useful because it can help them to develop a dominating attitude.

Among the topics covered:

  • 35 (bull)
  • 35 (bull) film cut-ups
  • 37 (bear)
  • 37 (bear) film cut-ups
  • Ric Cash has been a defensive coordinator or head coach for most of his 22 years coaching and has always believed in an aggressive attacking style of defensive football. After starting his coaching career in 1987 at North Kansas City (MO) High School, he then served as the defensive coordinator at North Shelby (MO) High School in 1993 and Trenton (MO) High School from 1994-1997. He took over a struggling Sheridan (CO) High School gridiron program as head coach in 1997 and guided them

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