3-5 Defense vs. the Spread Offense

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Buck Roggeman
51 minutes

3-5 Defense vs. the Spread Offense offers a detailed discussion of how to employ a 3-5 defense to stop a spread offense. The DVD features an overview of the reasons why a team should use a 3-5 to defend the spread, several stunts out of the 3-5 defense, coverage variations, and alignments/techniques for each defensive player. The DVD uses game film cut-ups to demonstrate key principles involved in employing the 3-5. The five-underneath, three-deep coverage concept to stymie a quick-passing game is also discussed.

Among the topics covered:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the 3-5
  • Gaps and alignments
  • Position keys
  • Underneath coverages and keys
  • Secondary keys
  • Adjustments to trips
  • Stunts