Stopping the Spread Offense With the 3-4 Defense

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Jim Pavao
70 minutes
Stopping the Spread Offense With the 3-4 Defense presents a comprehensive overview of how coaches can employ the 3-4 to defend the spread offense. Designed as a resource for coaches who want a gametested game plan, the DVD details fronts, stunts, and coverages from a 3-4 alignment that can be used effectively against the spread offense. The DVD also explains how teams can plan against various formations in the spread, as well as how to make formation-specific adjustments. In addition, the DVD discusses the role that studying an offense's personnel can play in game planning. The DVD also points out the value of identifying and developing a specific game plan for defending the offense's top plays.
Among the topics covered:
• Basic alignment
• Double okie
• Strong skin
• Double base
• Weak knife
• Weak dog
• Read
• Dallas
• Detroit
• Double stuff-man
• Double thunder-zero
• Double red shoot-zero
• Show package