8-Man Football: Screen Game and It’s Derivatives

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Adam Bishop
38 minutes
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In 8-Man Football: Screen Game and It’s Derivatives, Adam Bishop, Head Coach at Regent Prep HS (Tulsa, OK), discusses how to utilize the screen game in 8-man football. Coach Bishop outlines the schemes to use all offensive skill players in 8-man football, including WRs and RBs, while also making LBs get into coverage. Additionally, Coach Bishop provides a variety of drills, to implement his philosophy. Finally, Coach Bishop details how to use the screen game to allow for QB runs and draw plays.

Topics covered include:

• 8-Man Screen Schemes
• Blocking for Screens
• WR Screens
• Creating Depth in the Screen Game
• QB/RB Runs
• Forcing the Defense to Cover the Entire Field
• Scramble Drills
• WR Routes and Checks
• Xs and Os Diagrams