Coaching 8-Man Football

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Adam Bishop
128 pages
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Fewer players. Same basic rules. More excitement! 8-man football is a form of the gridiron sport that features virtually the same rules, procedures, and structure as its traditional 11-man counterpart. Regardless of whether the playing field for the 8-man game is the same size or somewhat smaller than the field utilized in the 11-man version, the space in which a team’s eight players are on the field at any given time is substantially expanded. In other words, the game entails fewer players in more space, which means more space for each athlete to operate. More often than not, that extra space translates into even more on-the-field thrills, as each player executes the basic fundamentals, skills, and techniques that are integral to the great game of football. Typically played at schools with smaller enrollments, 8-man football is a highly popular, fast-paced game offered by schools across the United States. In this book, Coach Adam Bishop, along with several 8-man coaches from aroundthe country, detail how to develop and grow your program from working with faculty and staff, to communication with families, as well as onfield fundamentals and X’s and O’s.The book includes detailed diagrams of various 8-man schemes on offense, defense, and specialteams.