A Passing-Game Concept for Any Down-and-Distance

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Andy Guyon
41 minutes

A Passing-Game Concept for Any Down-and-Distance presents a detailed overview of a 5-step passing concept that can be used in any offense. The DVD explains why this concept, which offers two deep threats out of balanced formations, is effective for any personnel grouping. The DVD also reviews why this concept provides the ability for a big play to hit out of trips formations. Easy to learn for players, the concept can be employed on first down to keep an offense on schedule, as well as to convert on third down and any distance.

Among the topics covered:

  • Spread R S drag
  • Spread R Y drag
  • Jacks R X drag
  • Jacks R Y drag
  • Jacks R S drag
  • Pair U drag
  • Pair Y drag
  • Kings R X drag
  • Kings R Y drag
  • Kings R S drag
  • Empty R X drag
  • Empty R A drag
  • Empty R Y drag
  • Empty R S drag
  • Board work
  • Motion from 12 personnel-pair
  • Motion from jacks
  • Motion for empty
  • Bring the drag and 10 yard from same side
  • Y & S same side from empty
  • Personnel shifts and trades