Acceleration Drills for Sprinters

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Tony Veney
56 minutes

Acceleration Drills for Sprinters provides a resource for track and field coaches who want to improve the level of speed of their sprinters. Featuring a series of proven speed and power drills for the sprints, the DVD offers a drill progression that focuses on accelerating from the blocks. The DVD explains that although the start represents the smallest portion of an athlete's entire sprint effort, it is the critical factor that sets up the printer's performance. The DVD details why the first 3-8 steps in acceleration are critical to achieving maximal speed. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand and –execute manner.

Among the topics covered:

• Dynamic warm-up series
• Knee rotation drill
• Toe touch drill
• Inchworn drills
• Skip drills
• High kick drill
• Big box drills
• Dynamic drill series
• Wall drills
• Bench drills
• Acceleration drill series
• Hop-hop start
• Hand clap push-up drill
• Arm drills
• Setting up the blocks
• The start position
• ½ tennis ball drill